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How To Do Trendy Right: Leopard Print 101

28 Jan

Words by Rahsian Parris

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way quickly; fashion isn’t always about timelessness, sometimes it is purely about being in the moment (ok the fashion forward moment), and last season’s leopard print trend was undoubtedly one of those classic ‘in the moment’ trends. Having been approached by a friend seeking some advice, the topic was screaming to be covered so here it is.

Leopard print, like all animal prints, is only acceptable in bulk if your name is Pat Butcher. Like most fashion folk, we like to be on trend and in-the-know, but as the late jumpsuit might tell you, some trends aren’t worth getting into, because they are simply not an investment. Now that is not to say that if you find a *golden* buy that is clearly classic and will suit your wardrobe down to the ground,  you shouldn’t buy it, that’s not what we’re saying, but when your wardrobe is full of leopard print and everyone else has moved on to pastels you will be… one word…buggered! There is nothing worse than wearing animal print when nobody else is… again…Pat Butcher.

Having said that, having been at the Q Awards party late last year, it is safe to say that parading around with your friends in the same animal print is nothing more than ghastly (you know who you are). There’s having an entourage and then there’s just being in a herd.

If you must succumb to even the most fickle fashions, here are a few pointers to 1: Save you some time and tears when the season is over, 2: Avoid being mistaken for a 1990s cross dresser, 3: Doing animal prints the right way, i.e not mutton, not lamb, just leopard.



1: Invest in classy accessories as opposed to full blown outfits. You’re still nodding towards the trend, but have an item that, when teamed with the right look, can be recycled past it’s trend-by-date.

We LOVE Billie’s leopard print scarf. Teamed with all black for on trend smart casual. (And check out those perfect brows)
















2: Animal prints are already quite ‘in your face’, AVOID, at all costs, combining two standout looks in one.

In this get up we thought Alex Gerrard was going to a Halloween party not Nicole Carragher’s birthday party.
















3: It is IMPOSSIBLE to pull off ghetto-chic and animal prints at the same time

As if her re-popularization of velour tracksuits wasn’t enough, Paris Hilton goes one further with this wrong (on so many levels) leopard print hoody.














THEN sins the sin of all sins (see number 2:) with this…well, we’ll let you fill in the blanks






















AND again….


















4: More often than not it’s the little details that count

Forget following the pack with leopard print EVERYTHING, look gorgeous glam, with a splash of wild, with trendy nails

















5: When all else fails and you MUST be trendy, go with a trendy clutch. However, choose wisely, you don’t want something you’ll never pick up again.

Mena Suvari shows how it’s done. Yes it’s leopard print, but it’s classy, not garish and gives colour to an all black outfit.



















So… to summarise

1: Choose trendy accessories over trendy outfits, it saves money and wardrobe space

2: Refrain from trend combining

3: Hoodies are fabulous for working out, lounging in the house and going to commit an ASBO, not so fabulous for wearing a trend

4: Trendy nails never fail

5: Classy clutches work wonders with minimalistic outfits

And last but not least… it’s probably best to avoid taking fashion tips from Paris Hilton


Following Suit – Trend Watch: To Jumpsuit or Not to Jumpsuit

11 Aug

Words by Rahsian Parris

Last month, we laid bare our love of Li-Lo (or at least her wardrobe), supporting her through her impending prison sentence by coming up with fabulous jail-friendly garb to get her through her 90 day spell behind bars and spotting a forthcoming celebrity trend in the making (two birds, one stone and all that). Well that trend has come to fruition ladies and gents, you’ll be hard pressed to miss this one since everyone within an arms length can be seen donning the wardrobe wonder of the moment, the Jumpsuit. However, a month later and we’re still not sure how we feel about this particular trend.

Don’t get us wrong, they look fabulous on the right person (by that we mean supermodel), but this is one trend that is not for everyone. We’ve spotted some fantastic jumpsuits on the string bean like bods of some of our favourite celebs, but we can’t help but feel a little bit cheated with this fashion fad. It’s not for the faint hearted (that’s us out), nor is it suitable for every day wear (overzealous beverage consumption + desperate dash to the loo + jumpsuit = disaster), so the question that comes to mind is, why bother? We’re not going to prison, fact! Very few of us will ever see a red carpet let alone walk down one, fact! And passing out in a bladder stricken heap isn’t our style, not to mention that any one with so much as a curve out of place; i.e normal folk, will look absolutely ridiculous.

So if Rihanna and Co want to light up our lives with their beguiling suits of choice, we will stare in amazement, envy, bemusement and occasionally even disgust and secretly pray that this is one trend that will steer clear of our local high street, though we have already spotted them creeping into the shops. Faux pas aside, if you are brave enough to give this trend a go, here are some we spied earlier, that (we must stress, on the right body shape) will look absolutely gorgeous, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Knocking out two trends in one, the Te Amo singer, Rihanna steps out in this beautiful floral jumpsuit [Left] (LOVING the over sized hoops too) and this cuter than cute spotted D&G jumpsuit [Right]. Multi-coloured, spotted jumpsuit = TOTAL DO, matching hair = definite DON’T

Surely if anyone is to be crowned queen of the jumpsuit it has to be Whitney Port who has been sporting this seasons celeb favourite at every given opportunity. We particularly love this dazzling gold number that compliments her sun kissed tresses.

Boho queen by day, instant glamour by night, Sienna Miller rocks this LBJ (Long Black Jumpsuit) with ruffle details outside the Waverly Inn. One word, AWESOME!

As if to prove our theory, here is The City star, Whitney Port again, in this fantastic charcoal jumpsuit looking like a rock and roll princess

Our favourite felon, Lindsay Lohan works this blue, patterned jumpsuit with a black blazer and peep-toes, a winning combo.


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