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How To Do Trendy Right: Leopard Print 101

28 Jan

Words by Rahsian Parris

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way quickly; fashion isn’t always about timelessness, sometimes it is purely about being in the moment (ok the fashion forward moment), and last season’s leopard print trend was undoubtedly one of those classic ‘in the moment’ trends. Having been approached by a friend seeking some advice, the topic was screaming to be covered so here it is.

Leopard print, like all animal prints, is only acceptable in bulk if your name is Pat Butcher. Like most fashion folk, we like to be on trend and in-the-know, but as the late jumpsuit might tell you, some trends aren’t worth getting into, because they are simply not an investment. Now that is not to say that if you find a *golden* buy that is clearly classic and will suit your wardrobe down to the ground,  you shouldn’t buy it, that’s not what we’re saying, but when your wardrobe is full of leopard print and everyone else has moved on to pastels you will be… one word…buggered! There is nothing worse than wearing animal print when nobody else is… again…Pat Butcher.

Having said that, having been at the Q Awards party late last year, it is safe to say that parading around with your friends in the same animal print is nothing more than ghastly (you know who you are). There’s having an entourage and then there’s just being in a herd.

If you must succumb to even the most fickle fashions, here are a few pointers to 1: Save you some time and tears when the season is over, 2: Avoid being mistaken for a 1990s cross dresser, 3: Doing animal prints the right way, i.e not mutton, not lamb, just leopard.



1: Invest in classy accessories as opposed to full blown outfits. You’re still nodding towards the trend, but have an item that, when teamed with the right look, can be recycled past it’s trend-by-date.

We LOVE Billie’s leopard print scarf. Teamed with all black for on trend smart casual. (And check out those perfect brows)
















2: Animal prints are already quite ‘in your face’, AVOID, at all costs, combining two standout looks in one.

In this get up we thought Alex Gerrard was going to a Halloween party not Nicole Carragher’s birthday party.
















3: It is IMPOSSIBLE to pull off ghetto-chic and animal prints at the same time

As if her re-popularization of velour tracksuits wasn’t enough, Paris Hilton goes one further with this wrong (on so many levels) leopard print hoody.














THEN sins the sin of all sins (see number 2:) with this…well, we’ll let you fill in the blanks






















AND again….


















4: More often than not it’s the little details that count

Forget following the pack with leopard print EVERYTHING, look gorgeous glam, with a splash of wild, with trendy nails

















5: When all else fails and you MUST be trendy, go with a trendy clutch. However, choose wisely, you don’t want something you’ll never pick up again.

Mena Suvari shows how it’s done. Yes it’s leopard print, but it’s classy, not garish and gives colour to an all black outfit.



















So… to summarise

1: Choose trendy accessories over trendy outfits, it saves money and wardrobe space

2: Refrain from trend combining

3: Hoodies are fabulous for working out, lounging in the house and going to commit an ASBO, not so fabulous for wearing a trend

4: Trendy nails never fail

5: Classy clutches work wonders with minimalistic outfits

And last but not least… it’s probably best to avoid taking fashion tips from Paris Hilton


On Trend In The Pen: Inspired By Lindsay Lohan

7 Jul

Words By Rahsian Parris / Photography*

IT’S EVERYWHERE, Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90days in jail for violating her probation from a few years back and just like her previous jail bird partners in crime, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, we’ve seen tears and some surprisingly convincing dramatic performances (not quite Oscar worthy, but far more believable than her performance in 2007 horror flop flick I Know Who Killed Me). However, despite the theatrics, “I wanted to make sure I would come back here, making you happy and show you, the court system, that I meant everything that I put into it” she cried regarding her missed sessions at the in-patient rehabilitation program; we all know that the primary issue here is not how long her sentence may be, or even the humiliation of being thrown into jail, but what she might have to wear, I mean have you SEEN those orange jumpsuits? As on-trend as they may be, easy on the eye they most definitely are not. So for Lindsay’s sake and if DUI is your thing, here’s some prison chic that’s worth doing time for.


Forget that cliched mess of a garment, jumpsuit number one will make the guards want to lock you up for looking too good


This one looks as though it takes its inspiration straight from Beetle Juice and guess what? We love it! Bring a bit of colour to the white padded walls with this stripey number.


Military has never looked so good. Been sentenced to a few weeks of boot-camp rehab? These Burberry chinos and boots combo will make everyone stand at attention


Forget faded denims and manky white tees, this denim jumpsuit will brighten up the darkest days


Take advantage of your free time outside with an outfit change. So you’d rather sit on the bench looking gorgeous instead of playing football with a squashed coke can, so what?


Obligatory gym sessions are no fun for anybody, locked up or not, but do *hot* instead of *sweaty* in this bang on sporty trend jumpsuit


Footwear may not seem that important, but if you’ve ever watched Shawshank Redemption you’ll know that in prison, what’s on your feet could make or break you (if you’re trying to escape to get to a bank dressed as a business man :S) if not, just look military-cool in these awesome All Saints lace-ups.

So there we have it, next time you plan on committing a crime, make sure you’ve got some of these beauties in your wardrobe first. Lindsay, we can’t do anything about bail, but at least you’ll look great 😀

*Asos, Burberry, Moschino, All Saints, The Times Online, Fox News

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