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INCEPTION: Better than your wildest dreams

17 Jul

Words by Rahsian Parris/Photography courtesy of Warnerbros.

INCEPTION is a modern science fiction movie with the prowess of a great psychological thriller and the spark of genius. Set within the realms of the subconscious, the story unfolds. A group of rogue criminals hack into people’s dreams and steal their ideas by entering the dreams themselves. Within the group there are particular duties carried out by particular people. The Extractor (Leonardo Dicaprio Shutter Island), The Architect (Ellen Page Juno) and The Point Man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt 500 Days of Summer) to name a few. True to their names, The Extractor is the person in charge of obtaining these ideas and bringing them into the ‘real world’, The Architect designs the dreams, much like recreating a work of art, so that the person dreaming is unaware of whether they are in ‘real life’ or a dream, thus, not hiding the information being sought after, which also avoids vicious ‘subconscious security’, ‘projections’ in the form of unforgiving assassins. The Point Man (slightly less obvious) was described by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as being “the producer, the one who makes everything go to plan”. Within the story of the groups ultimate forage through the mind of bereaved tycoon, Robert Fischer Jr, played by typically brooding actor Cillian Murphy; is the story of the loss, guilt and subsequent trauma faced by Dom – The Extractor – Cobb as a result of the death of his wife.

From start to finish Inception is like an electric surge of masterfully crafted action, with enough precision to shock, but never overkill. The mesmeric action sequences are interlaced by a tragic love story whose haunting poignancy is symptomatic of the films visualization of the emotional transparencies and complexities of the subconscious, though it is the brilliance of the film’s actors that brings Christopher Nolan‘s dream to life. The correlation between Hollywood heavy weights Leonardo Dicaprio and Cillian Murphy and rising stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page is a spectrum of rich artistry solidified by a modest awareness that brings out the kind of lucid acting so rarely cast upon the Hollywood screen.

Dicaprio is triumphant in demonstrating why he is the new master of psychology and Nolan favourite, Murphy, manages to divulge the intricate state between heroism and villainy. Gordon-Levitt, who is not new to impressive, understated performances, though has progressively been overshadowed by his fanciable ‘romcom’ geek typecast; sheds his rookie-esque skin with a strong performance that is sure to elevate him into the super stardom status that he deserves. Page, on the other hand, drops the Juno juvenility that got her her recognition, but that has lingered through her last few performances and emerges in maturation as one of the silver screen’s most profound talents. Marion Cotillard‘s performance as the deceased wife of Dom Cobb is nothing but riveting, expressing the dark undertones of the ‘lost love’ theme that reads like a magnified session in therapy, brutally exposing the fragility of humanity as something the subconscious cannot hide.

Inception is The Matrix for intelligent people, with a concept and cast that lacks the pretense and ambiguity that plagued the aforementioned atrocity. All in all Christopher Nolan’s latest creation has catapulted the science fiction genre into the 21st Century and beyond in a way that is set to sit in the consciousness of film lovers every where. Like very few science fiction films of the past decade, the challenge here is not to see if you can sit through it, but to dare to dream of something better.

Inception is now in cinemas and IMAX. Watch the trailer here


The World Cup: 10 Reasons We’re Glad It’s All Over

8 Jul

Who would have thought it would be Holland and Spain that are due to thrash it out in the FIFA World Cup on Sunday the 11th of July? England went out in the early stages and we found ourselves supporting a host of underdogs come unlikely heroes, however, as much as we love the sites of Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas et al, I think we can safely say most of us are glad it’s coming to an end. Whether it was the heartbreaking match that was Ghana Vs Uruguay (we’re still sensitive, lets move on quickly) or the fact that we may never feel the same about Wayne Rooney ever again (obviously excluding the Shrek jibes, we’re keeping those), the phrase “We think it’s all over…” has never brought such relief.

Words By Rahsian Parris


  1. We don’t have to pretend to know which player the commentators are talking about. If they don’t play in the Premiership, there’s a good chance we’ve never heard of them
  2. No more waking up with a hoarse voice, all that shouting at the television is doing our karaoke vocals no good
  3. Not feeling embarrassed when we periodically shout “WHAT WAS THAT REF?” just to fit in
  4. Saying goodbye to the couples with matching team strips. It doesn’t matter how ‘cute’ you look, it’s sickening
  5. The half time analysis. Can we just get on with the game please? How much more do we need to know other than the fact that we’re losing?
  6. Random ‘robot dancing’ when someone scores. It was bad enough the first time around, lets stop repeating this atrocity
  7. It was cutting in to our Big Brother Live streaming time. Enough said.
  8. The only Englishman in the final is ref, Howard Webb
  9. The injustice. The cards, the diving, the own goals, we can’t take the pressure anymore.
  10. Watching the game with a glass of wine just isn’t the same, but we’re starting to get a beer belly.

…And 5 Things We Might Actually Miss

  1. Day time television has never been so fit
  2. The ‘Red Button’ and Chris Moyles live commentary – CLASSIC!
  3. The education. We may not know the players, but we’ll sure as hell be rooting for Ghana in 2014
  4. James Corden‘s World Cup Live – So funny
  5. The Fashion. Fabio Capello‘s Zerorh glasses and David Beckham‘s silver suit. Officially the only time we’ve been in love on the sidelines.

Photography Courtesy of

On Trend In The Pen: Inspired By Lindsay Lohan

7 Jul

Words By Rahsian Parris / Photography*

IT’S EVERYWHERE, Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90days in jail for violating her probation from a few years back and just like her previous jail bird partners in crime, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, we’ve seen tears and some surprisingly convincing dramatic performances (not quite Oscar worthy, but far more believable than her performance in 2007 horror flop flick I Know Who Killed Me). However, despite the theatrics, “I wanted to make sure I would come back here, making you happy and show you, the court system, that I meant everything that I put into it” she cried regarding her missed sessions at the in-patient rehabilitation program; we all know that the primary issue here is not how long her sentence may be, or even the humiliation of being thrown into jail, but what she might have to wear, I mean have you SEEN those orange jumpsuits? As on-trend as they may be, easy on the eye they most definitely are not. So for Lindsay’s sake and if DUI is your thing, here’s some prison chic that’s worth doing time for.


Forget that cliched mess of a garment, jumpsuit number one will make the guards want to lock you up for looking too good


This one looks as though it takes its inspiration straight from Beetle Juice and guess what? We love it! Bring a bit of colour to the white padded walls with this stripey number.


Military has never looked so good. Been sentenced to a few weeks of boot-camp rehab? These Burberry chinos and boots combo will make everyone stand at attention


Forget faded denims and manky white tees, this denim jumpsuit will brighten up the darkest days


Take advantage of your free time outside with an outfit change. So you’d rather sit on the bench looking gorgeous instead of playing football with a squashed coke can, so what?


Obligatory gym sessions are no fun for anybody, locked up or not, but do *hot* instead of *sweaty* in this bang on sporty trend jumpsuit


Footwear may not seem that important, but if you’ve ever watched Shawshank Redemption you’ll know that in prison, what’s on your feet could make or break you (if you’re trying to escape to get to a bank dressed as a business man :S) if not, just look military-cool in these awesome All Saints lace-ups.

So there we have it, next time you plan on committing a crime, make sure you’ve got some of these beauties in your wardrobe first. Lindsay, we can’t do anything about bail, but at least you’ll look great 😀

*Asos, Burberry, Moschino, All Saints, The Times Online, Fox News

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