Celebrity Brows!!! Plucking Hell? How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

27 Dec

Words by Rahsian Parris

Every girl knows (we hope) that even the most gorgeous of faces can be ruined by the wrong eyebrows, so why is it that we still neglect them? Gone are the days when tweezing was enough to keep our eyebrows looking pristine. In fact, tweezers could well be the bane of eyebrows everywhere; one wrong pluck and you’re left looking like Cher Lloyd pre X Factor makeover. Barely there eyebrows are equally as bad as the slugs, so hand your tweezers over to the professionals and get acquainted with the new ‘IT’ brow technology – the HD Brows.

Cher Lloyd herself begged for the 7 step procedure that transformed her cartoon-ish, over plucked atrocities into gorgeous, high definition eyebrows. So here’s the low down on the hottest new eyebrow trend that will make you red carpet ready in 7 simple steps.


HD Brows – a tailored combination of plucking, threading, waxing, tinting, treating and overall shaping of the brows to make them the perfect shape for your face and give them the kind of definition that even the best HD TV could not find fault with.


More and more salons all over the UK are having their staff trained as HD brow technicians, however, Director, Head Trainer and eyebrow queen Nilam Patel is the newly appointed celebrity go-to-girl and can be found at her own salon, Nilam Patel Aesthetics in Buckinghamshire.


From Katie Price to Stacey Solomon, have been flocking to Nilam’s HD Brows salon in Milton Keynes. Jenny Frost says ‘I travel 50 miles just to come and get my eyebrows done by Nilam, I’m addicted’.

Check out these good and bad brows. The ones to avoid and the ones to aspire to.

Good Brow Bad Brow

Even Angelina can’t pull off the ‘skinny brow’











Her thicker, darker eyebrows suit the shape of her face far more

One word: SLUGS








…And then GORGEOUS














A bit of tinting goes A LONG way for Gwen Stefani

Quite possibly the worst eyebrows to ever have graced British television













HUGE improvement on her brows, zero on her singing









God knows what’s going on here, but we’re pretty sure there was a mix-up with names, perhaps Posh was the original Scary?









One hot hubby and a few fashion forward steps later…


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  1. Wealth Creator1 September 12, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    awrsome article, thanks for sharing the latest on HD brows


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