Bags, Boys and Bow Ties: The Marcs That We All Need in Our Lives

20 Dec



Words by Rahsian Parris

Really and truly, choices suck don’t they? We might complain that there aren’t enough fish in the sea, when really, it’s that we don’t know whether we prefer rainbow trout or pink salmon (salmon a bit camp?). Then we complain that we have nothing to wear, when really it’s about having too much to wear and not being able to decide. We are plagued with choices every day and all this decision making is taking it’s toll.

With the New Year around the corner, new job aspirations in tow, here comes the biggest decision of them all (not quite on the level of ‘for war or not for war’, but with personally devastating consequences all the same, if not thought out)… What bag to wear to (insert: new job, interview, wedding here). Queue nightmarish trawl through HouseofFrasers, Harvery Nichols, anywhere else that makes good bags accessible to those of us that feel blasphemous gracing the carpets of Louis Vuitton in heels from Clarke’s.

Well forget that! We’re not fond of nightmares or the embarrassing ‘why am I even in here, my credit card has maxed out just window shopping’ revelation. So fear not! With the help of a few of my favourite boys, Marc, Marc and Mark, here’s my fav’ Work Wear bags for the new job, new you, new year, whatever. Note: None of them come with the self gratification of being checked out by the gorgeous model-come-sales-assistant sporting the bow tie at the door, however, bag booty on arm, there’s no reason to not strut past on the pre-work coffee run.

Lily Shifty Barrel Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs: £315














Small Sophie Satchel – Marc by Marc Jacobs: £425














Lou Lou Large Satchel – Marc by Marc Jacobs: £490














Hillier Leather Hobo – Marc by Marc Jacobs: £350















Natasha Cross body – Marc by Marc Jacobs: £290














Hillier Hobo – Blue














Ukita Leather Hobo – Marc by Marc Jacobs: £360

Notes on Work Wear Hand Bags:

1: Blues, Creams and Blacks are faultless, fail safe and they never go out of style. Browns are good too, but choose your outfit wisely.

2: You want a bag that says you are classy and hard working (otherwise how could you afford such bag…), however, remember it’s for work: Think practicality, too small for a File-o-Fax and Parker pen? Probably not good for work then.

3: DO NOT use a glossy coated leather bag as a work bag. (The shiny ones you can see your face in). On the dance floor they look sexy, in the office they scream hooker

4: The right bag will look good with any office look, if it’s not working, ditch the bag not the outfit. A lines might be mandatory, but minging bags are not

5: Think minimalistic. Your PB bag with the scribble design on it may be cute on Saturday’s but it’ll be totally tacky during the 9-5 week day.

A few more Mark’s we wish we could take to work, take home…

Mark Owen (in his Marks and Spencer’s get up of course). We wonder when it will be ‘take your pop star crush to work’ day *sigh*










Mark Whalberg – His brother is in New Kids on the Block, ’nuff said















Mark Zuckerberg (Slightly cheating, this is actually Jesse Eisenberg who played Mark Zuckerberg in ‘The Social Network’… however… he made facebook in the movie, thus, he is a God)


3 Responses to “Bags, Boys and Bow Ties: The Marcs That We All Need in Our Lives”

  1. sagemag December 21, 2010 at 3:33 am #

    Oh, how I wish I could own one of those bags.

    • rparris December 21, 2010 at 3:39 am #

      Indeed! Any of them or do you have a favourite? I’m stuck between the navy Hillier and the Natasha


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