Blood Red Shoes: Live @ The Electric Ballroom

12 Oct



Words by Rahsian Parris

It’s Thursday October 7th and Camden’s Electric Ballroom is swiftly filling to full capacity, not only is everyone virtually shoulder to shoulder but even the bar area is overcrowded with people vigorously head bopping to the first support act of the night, The 2:54; who took over the stage with their quirky, wafer vocals on top of lush, chug-tastic rock melodies, surprisingly fabulous, leaving the crowd wanting more. The second support act of the night, Male Bonding, played an overall good set, but nobody would have been disappointed if 2:54 had come back for round two.

The noise from the crowd crescendos into cheers and swells of applause and anticipation as instruments are put in place and Blood Red Shoes eventually make their way on to the stage. Having not seem them perform before, it was easy to expect a slightly more detailed ensemble rather than the simplicity of the outfit which was literally an electric guitar, two microphones and a less than intricate drum kit; how would they sound with so little in the way of instrumentation and what would the overall performance be like with just the two of them? It’s easy to mistake the sound of their record with something a little more complicated than two relatively standard pieces of kit, yet, it really was that simple; two pieces of kit with two imaginative musicians that know how to use them to their full capabilities.

The first few tracks are full of a contagious combination of choppy guitar riffs, sing-a-long choruses, coupled with almost opaque, coloured, lighting effects that leave the band shadowed in obscurity and the instruments silhouetted on the stage, adding an air of tension and depth to an already moody performance. Working their way through a string of songs from their first album ‘Box of Secrets’ including ‘I Wish I Was Someone Better’, ‘You Bring Me Down’ and the brilliantly catchy ‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’, the band kept the audience gripped with ferocious, dynamic performances of extremely well crafted indie tunes. However, it was the bands new single ‘Light It Up’ that, with it’s anthemic, shouty chorus, simple melody and infectious power-chord combo, had the audience pumping their arms in the air to the beat.

From beginning to end Blood Red Shoes were far less ego induced indie thrashers and more just a pleasure to listen to and watch, having put on what can only be considered a hugely exciting, well thought out show, where simplicity really was the key; nothing too complex or too clever, just good, solid rock melodies and enchanting vocals from both Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. Who would have thought that this was their biggest headlining show in their six long years together? The venue was rammed full of adoring fans, the performances were solid and everybody probably went home slightly sweatier, more intoxicated and on far more of a high then they arrived, so all in all a terrific show. If this one event is anything to go by, then the next tour should see us in for a serious treat.



Rahsian Parris for Music News


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