Celebrity Marriages and Babies: For better or for worse?

12 Sep

Words by Rahsian Parris

When you flick through the latest gossip magazines and switch on your TV, it’s hard to believe that not so long ago the same pages of these magazines and the same stations were rife with stories of young celebrities and their eating disorders, criminal activity and all round questionable behaviour. We were lost in the anorexia age where the young female stars of Hollywood were falling out of clubs and pubs in an intoxicated, knicker-less stupor, young models were dying to be thin to the last breath and some of the worlds most famous, young female faces were forced to hold up their white lines and surrender to the predacious paparazzi. So not five years down the line, has the world of young celebrities suddenly turned over a new leaf?

Matrimony and motherhood have swept over a generation that was once ravaged by rehab and renegades as starlets like Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and Ashlee Simpson try to show the nation how to be bona fide celebrities and young mums simultaneously. So it feels as if we might be able to lay down our heads at night, safe in the knowledge that these young idols are finally sending out a positive message to the impressionable young girls of today; that love, marriage and domestic bliss are the way to go, or are we celebrating too early? It is hard not to think of all the reproducing and cursory nuptials as just another chapter in the volatile lives of young Hollywood.

24-year-old Transformers star; Megan Fox recently got hitched to her on-off partner of 6-years, 36-year-old Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills 90210 fame and revealed her dismay to Elle Magazine regarding the fact that people undermine her marriage, thinking she is too young, saying “When I talk about my husband, I feel as if people are rolling their eyes…It’s like when you’re 16 and order a martini and the waiter says, ‘Do you think I’m stupid?’
“They can’t grasp that I’m old enough to be married.”

The issue here is not so much how old she is, but how old she was when they started dating, a mere 18 (and he was 30); coupled with the fact that they have broken up several times since then, it is understandable that people may ‘roll their eyes’. To add insult to injury she compares her marriage to underage drinking which, aside from being perfectly illegal, is generally done in rebellion and in the vein of being young and reckless. So what are we to think when she clearly has no clue herself?

Hilary Duff, on the other hand, seems a tad more on the ball, having married her hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie in August and at the tender age of 22 made a decision beyond her years, to include a whopping pre-nup that basically says that if the marriage ended in divorce, both parties would hold on to their fortunes, Comrie’s being $500million from his family’s well established retail brand The Brick and Duff’s acting and singing fortune worth between $12-$20million (modest in comparison).

However, as much as it makes good sense to have such pre-nups when such big amounts of money are involved, it also suggests that the couple themselves are aware that, not only is this particular perma-coupling hasty (they got together in 2007 and got engaged this year), but again, doing the math, she was only 19 when they first met and he was 26. It may seem like age should not be a focus, but when your past boyfriends reads like a who’s who of teen pop idols, the question arises as to whether or not you are really ready to get married. The actress told OK! Magazine “It’s the easiest thing for me. We just fit together nicely”, that sounds more like a reason to start dating as appose to the deciding factor in marriage.

And let us not forget the infamous Britney Spears, who possibly keeps a whole host of American lawyers in business having had two marriages, an annulment, a divorce, two children, custody battles, a nervous breakdown, social services inquiries and a current sexual harassment lawsuit hanging over her head and all at only 28 years old. She is possibly the epitome of young Hollywood having shot to fame at only 17 and over the past ten years has been one of the youngest, most successful female artists ever, but also one of the most troubled, scrutinised and talked about women in the world. Showing that, getting married and having children at a young age whilst juggling being in the spotlight is not necessarily a cure for the downsides of fame, but more adding fuel to the fire.

So are we really heading towards a well-needed ceasefire as the ‘party girls’ of our time settle down and swap the green for the goo, or are all the marriages and babies just another craze that we are going through? Whatever the answer, one thing is for sure; the only thing more frightening than a generation of idolised, young insubordinates is the imminence of their children.


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  1. adam September 19, 2010 at 3:31 pm #

    Nice info and article .. thanks 🙂

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