Whatever The Weather: Styles To Get You Through The Summer – Autumn Transition

15 Jul

Words By Rahsian Parris

Lets just get it out in the open right here, right now; if you live in the UK, your summer is doomed. That is not to say that we haven’t had lush days of golden rays of sun, ice creams in the park and hearty barbecues in our back yards, but true to British Summer form, these few days have usually been followed by several days of monsoon-like showers (we know they have hurricane season in the tropics, but surely not every other week?) and the kind of wind speeds only the British Sailing Team would appreciate. With this said, it is becoming a day to day trauma trying to predict what the weather might greet us with, thus, styling and outfit decisions of nightmarish proportions. As Nicole Richie recently tweeted “Dear Mother Nature please make up your mind about the weather. You’re making it really hard for me to get dressed”, we’re guessing that no amount of begging and pleading is going to work (clearly Mother Nature is as stubborn as red wine on cream carpet), so here are some great finds and top tips to beat the sporadic weather blues and take you sailing into autumnal awesomeness.


This Autumn is all about coats, notably short and medium length and the colour of the moment is brown brown brown. Golden brown like the colour of freshly fallen crisp leaves, camel brown, like, uhm, a camel? Or rich chocolate brown like the cup of cocoa you’ll need once you have fled the bad weather. This chocolate Burberry Raglan Trench from their current collection ticks all the boxes and if that wasn’t reason enough, check out the gorgeous belting. However, we are not all minted and can afford to shell out over £800 for a trench, so here is a nice number from House of Fraser that is a fantastic, cheaper alternative.


Trench coats are perfect for unpredictable weather. They are light-weight enough to wear in slightly warmer temperatures as most of them are cotton based and if it gets too warm you can throw them over your arm without much hindrance. However, the key to buying a good trench is to get one that not only looks good, but that is actually shower proof too (that’s rain we mean, no you can’t have an actual shower in them). For this, Burberry are the masters with their patented Garbardine material that will literally make summer showers water off a ducks back. However, there are also cuts and styles that will make trenches your best friend during the Summer/Autumn crossover.

Ask For Trenches With:

  • Back rain shields
  • Wind Shields
  • Back and or Inverted Pleats
  • High Collars

These all help to minimize any water getting past the coat.

Splash out and keep the splashes out with the Rita leather aviator jacket: Acne


Perfect for keeping you snug when those chilly winds kick in, but light enough to wear on top of summer dresses? Transitional cardies and or light jackets are the way to go. Here’s a few we spied earlier.

This fantastic, crisp white jacket is from Frasers. Perfect for dressing up with an LBD or dressing down with dark denim and heels, either way, we LOVE IT!

Zara effortlessly do military chic with a hint of summer shades. This blue knitted jacket come cardi is the perfect for day wear and keeping out the chill.

Shrug off the bad weather with this beautiful camel shrug from TopShop

A beautiful shrug-esque cardigan, this long length ruffle detail cardigan by Alexander Wang for Liberty is another great piece to dress up or dress down.


Male smart/casual? Nobody does it quite like ASOS. We LOVE this Grey knitted waistcoat from out fav online outfitters and you will too.


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    Much appreciated and glad you liked it 😀


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    Whatever The Weather: Styles To Get You Through The Summer ? Autumn Transition…

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