Josh Doyle : Still Delivering the Goods

27 Apr

Words by Rahsian Parris

Photography by Luke Yates

It has been ten years since the Dum Dums first rocked their way onto UK airwaves and into our hearts, but one underrated album, a string of catchy singles and a breakup later; ex front man, Josh Doyle, still delivers the goods as an independent solo artist. Josh sheds some light on what it is like being an independent artist having come from a mainstream pop background.

It’s a decade since the Dum Dums first single was released, how do you think the industry has changed?

Completely. We were popular during a boom time, the biggest year ever for music. If we would have brought [our music] out today with our sales from then, we would have had all number ones! Back then it would have been impossible to be independent but now there are avenues opening up all over the place.

It is commonly thought that your record label dropped you (the band), what actually happened?

Hahaha! Sometimes people want the quickest story possible to tell their buddy but its not like they lost interest and said, “you didn’t sell enough records, you’re dumped”. You can watch our documentary at to see how it panned out.

How much pressure is there to conform to what is popular?

I think, for me, I would prefer to be making music no-one else is making and be ahead of the pack. I might be inspired by a currently popular song, but that will just go in the bag with all of the other inspirations. I get inspired by songs that are true more than songs that are trendy, cause what value will trendy songs have in a few months but kitsch value?

How much do you think labels responsible for ‘copy-cat’ artists?

There are usually a couple artists that come out with something real and then labels create or sign other mediocre versions. It’s very sad but I understand it economically, most record labels want to make money above everything else.



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