Lily Allen Vs Courtney Love…AGAIN!

3 Mar

So, did Lily Allen just slate Courtney Love or what??? Have they not had enough? Apparently she (Lily) doesn’t want to “drag it out”

See for yourself:


dont want to drag this thing out but, for the record i thought @courtneyloveuk was attacking me, hence my response.


in retrospect, having read her twitter updates and found them quite hard to decipher, i think she is in trouble and in need of help…..


i hope she has people looking out for her ……

Hmmm, kinda Ouch Lily!!!! No?

….And for some back story….

Ok so there was prior twitter abuse yesterday when Lily accused Courtney of being a junkie and posted an awful pic of her on Twitter, Courtney then blasts her back saying she did *blow* in her house and wouldn’t leave and then that she’s fat.


L calls C a ‘drug addled lunatic

C responds by saying Lily took Coke (not the drink) in her house andLily tweeted that pic?… ‘That’s just baby brat nonsense. Wouldn’t deign to post a picture of her thighs.’

…and then ‘Lily, I’m not the one on gak every night dear, you are. The night you home invaded me, (you) did all the blow I’ve ever seen in my home, wouldn’t leave and blamed ME for your s*** show?’

‘You’re really a brat. Is there anyone you haven’t started a meaningless strop with?’

The comes the ‘fat’ picture andHere’s the thing, I’m NOT on drugs. She IS. If you want to be factual about it, since she accused me of being on them first,’

And then…. (yawn)

‘I can’t believe someone who did massive amounts of cocaine at my house and was thrown out blamed me for her drugs. Publicly she said I gave her hallucinogens, when she did about a kilo with my daughter asleep upstairs, and had to be physically removed.’

And then…

I have ALL the dirt on Lily,

And then…

It’s a good thing she’s going to retire, look at the lyrics for ‘The Fear,’ she lies, she steals sunnies from Frances who loathes her.’

So lily seemingly gives up with a later tweet saying…

Sorry that was mean. Enuff of these juvenile musings, I should never have risen to the bait. Silly Lily.’

Oh dear oh dear girls, can we not just sniff (I mean kiss) and make up?? And to think it all started at the Brits with a Chanel dress… *tut tut* Having said that… way to not drag it out Lils … NOT!


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