Heigl’s Anatomy

25 Jan

Katherine Heigl calls Knocked Up, the movie that made her a big-screen star, “a little sexist.” As for the current plight of Izzie Stevens, her character on Grey’s Anatomy: “a ratings ploy.” Getting married, which she’s planning on doing? “A crapshoot.” As her new comedy, 27 Dresses, hits theaters, Heigl talks about what’s on her mind: trying to keep Izzie real, breaking the romantic rules, and deciding honesty was her best shot at happiness.

January 2008

As dusk falls over the carpet of lights spread out below her windows, Katherine Heigl stands in the doorway of her house in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles, smoking a cigarette and contemplating the spectacular view she’s about to give up. With her 29th birthday approaching, she’s selling one house, buying another, getting ready to move, planning a wedding, launching a production company, and developing property in Utah, all while continuing to shoot one of television’s most popular shows.

Then there’s the sudden-fame part. When Knocked Up became last summer’s big romantic comedy, Heigl was transformed into Hollywood’s new “It girl.” In September, she astonished everyone, including herself and her own mother, by winning the Emmy Award as outstanding supporting actress in a drama series for her portrayal of Isobel “Izzie” Stevens, on Grey’s Anatomy. During her brief hiatus from the show, Heigl was busy making her next movie, 27 Dresses, which hits theaters this month.

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via Vanityfair.com.


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