Thank God It’s The Saturdays

16 Dec

By Rahsian Parris


From Left to Right: Rochelle, Mollie, Una, Vanessa and Frankie


In this very dark time when Girls Aloud have taken time out to embark on ‘individual projects’ – i.e. got sick of Cheryl Cole‘s X Factor triumphs – and Sugababes are virtually unrecognisable (no, really, who is in that band again?);  The Saturdays could not have timed their leap into the spotlight any better. Okay so they all have names that make them sound like they have just stepped out of a Lancome advert – Una, Mollie, Frankie, Rochelle and Vanessa – and maybe they all seem to look like someone we already know (Mollie is the spitting image of Avril Lavigne minus the panda eyes and Una could play Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s double any day), but surely these are qualities that give them that edge that makes them far more distinctive from their counterparts? I am sure we have all sat down and mentally created a super band consisting of our favourite artists (oh if only Adam Levine joined Take That – ok maybe not, but you get where I am coming from); well, in theory, The Saturdays could be just that. Una Healey’s powerhouse chick-rock vocals are a perfect contrast with Mollie King’s soft, subtle performances and Rochelle Wiseman’s soulful technique acts as an umbrella to the equally as pin-point vocals of Frankie Sandford and Vanessa White – and nobody would have guessed that this super band would consist of two ex S Club Juniors (lets not mention that name again please). Together, with their model looks, variation of vocals, catchy hooks and yes maybe even their names, The Saturdays are an all together edgier group with a sound that the latter mentioned girl groups simply lack. Not to say that we do not like the urban grit of the Sugababes or the sexy-sweet sound of Girls Aloud, but there is something a bit special about The Saturdays. I predict that forever has just started for these five starlets.

Check out the top hot looks from the Saturdays’ Frankie…


The Saturdays new single Ego is available for download from the 3rd of January – Taken from new album Wordshaker which is OUT NOW!


One Response to “Thank God It’s The Saturdays”

  1. Adrian December 16, 2009 at 4:08 pm #

    I like it, it’s short, sweet and witty like a funny midget

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